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→ What it’s like to read with dyslexia

People with dyslexia, or reading disorder, struggle to read texts because their brains have problems processing language. Daniel Britton, a typeface designer and dyslexic, set out to create a typeface that would allow people not affected by the condition to experience what it might feel like to read with dislexia. It’s enlightening. Find out more (than is shown in above video) here.


→ Muhammad Ali: Amazing speed

Muhammad Ali: inspiring and sometimes controversial boxer, three times heavyweight champion, 56 wins out of 61 fights. Civil rights activist and a truly remarkable person.

And all while being robbed of 3 of his prime years as a professional athlete due to his refusal to fight in the Vietnam war. Go watch the scene of the animated GIF on the left in real-time at 2:12 in the video.


→ Writing for everyone

Writing for everyone is a collection of tips for good educative writing by Katy DeCorah of MapBox. It definitely highlights some no-nos that I have made myself guilty of. I think this is a very good reminder of a few best practices when it comes to writing for a diverse audience and educative purposes. Bookmarked.


(Under the Finds title I collect links that I have found interesting, relevant or inspiring for some reason, but that either don’t squarely fit into the core themes of this blog or that don’t warrant a whole blog post.)


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