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Video tutorials for R

Are you part of the growing R community yet? Obviously, if you do lots of (inferential) statistics, R is a very good choice. But it is by no means restricted to that application area. With the vast ecosystem of libraries (currently 4,867) such as the...


Topography in typography

Neat idea by artist Siyu Cao: a typeface from topographic map excerpts. Hills, ridges and mountains signify letters’ bodies, lakes and low areas the empty spaces around and within letters. The typeface gains clarity when extruded to 3D: Made me wonder how a relief-shaded 2D...


Chinese names of European countries

A while ago I proposed etymologic cartography as a field of study. Somewhat related, I found this map that doesn’t show the etymology of placenames but literal translations of country names into English from Chinese: Note: I have no way of checking the correctness of...

Close-up view of the cartogram's hexagons 6

Creating a hexagonal cartogram

Some weeks ago I visualised the Swiss cantons (states) and their population numbers using what information visualization scientists call a linked view. You can click through to the actual, interactive visualization: here in German or here in French. In what follows I’ll describe the steps of data preparation for this visualization....


OS map design resources

The Ordnance Survey blog posted a nice small compilation of cartographic resources today. They add some more colour resources over the ones I have already reviewed, as well as sites on fonts, symbols and “inspiration” (can’t all of us use some of the latter from...


Hailpixel’s colour tool

Picking up where I have left, I have a nice addition to my collection of colour tools for visualisation experts: What you see below is the whole interface, when you open the website by Devin Hunt. Choosing colours is easy as pie: Move your mouse...


Colour me well-informed

When designing a map or a visualisation, sooner or later there is the point where you have to choose a range of colours (except in very specific circumstances which may require you to produce a black-and-white or greyscale visualisation). What is there to consider in...


Kite aerial photography gallery

Digital Photography School has a nice gallery of kite aerial photography (or KAP, as it’s called amongst insiders): I have to date built various kites myself and actually also one of the KAP rigs shown in the gallery and have done some KAP experiments myself....


Etymologic cartography

I propose Etymologic cartography as a field of study: Somebody had the simple but appealing idea to simply translate the toponyms on a map to English. In this case the subject in question is the USA: Some of the names are rather interesting (and were...

GIS Day 1

GIS Day 2012

Happy international GIS Day to all of you! I’m off to the Zurich chapter of GIS Day and looking forward to interesting presentations and discussions! Tip: Check out GIS Day on Twitter.


Sad map: Conflicts of humankind

The Dutch web development Studio TecToys built, a map and timeline of all important human conflicts. The base data for the visualization comes from Freebase and is enriched with Wikipedia content. The timeline lets you slice the data at adjustable interval widths. I’m not sure, just...