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CrisisCommons 0


Through this post on GIS and Science I learnt about CrisisCommons which appears to be some kind of meta-organisation for disaster relief organisations. I registered with their Google Group and I’m curious to learn what exactly they are doing and whether I can maybe contribute...

Intro to Processing 2

Intro to Processing

(This post is based on an earlier post in another blog in German) For quite some time I’ve been following the news about Processing. Processing is an open-source environment for creating visualizations programmatically. The project was initiated by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry in the...

Inception 0


Nah, this is not about the movie… but about this blog. I launch this blog to have a place to occasionally jot down some of my thoughts, collect stuff I do (visualisations, geo/GIS stuff, coding, …), highlight cool things I come across and hopefully share...