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Map of the Universe 1

Map of the Universe

For once for a slightly different map: PopSci has a geo-centric map of the visible universe as it was acquired over time, from 1950 (top) to 2011 (bottom), precisely: Different object categories are coloured differently in the map. For example, the inner green ring above...

Visualizing the growth to 7 billion 0

Visualizing the growth to 7 billion

NPR has a nice video on their website with a playful visualization of how humanity grew to count 7 billion living people. Using more or less leaky glasses as a metaphor, the video visualizes the population growth which has been taking place in different regions...

What geospatial companies tweet 0

What geospatial companies tweet

Directions Magazine has an article by Adena Schutzberg and Tina Cary who investigated what 216 companies in the geospatial industry tweeted during two days in 2011. The total number of analysed tweets amounted to 430. The gist of the results: The majority of tweets were sent...


ZIPScribble Map: Switzerland – Part I

Having seen a visualization by Robert Kosara of EagerEyes a loooong time ago, I wanted to try to reproduce it for Switzerland using Processing. This is the first installment of a two-parts post covering this project, in which I will describe how to arrive at an intermediate...

A tale of times long gone 0

A tale of times long gone

 See the wide channel that runs from left to right with the windy river in it? You are looking at one of the most amazing stories in geological history ever. I’d like to tell you about it. Over on Scienceblogs, Greg Laden has a great...

“What was there” project: More geocoded old photographs 0

“What was there” project: More geocoded old photographs

While the news on Historypin is still fresh, the next project made its way onto my radar. Like Historypin, the “What was there” project crowdsources photos from times past and has them geocoded by users/contributors a.k.a. produsers. You can browse the collection on their website...

Some GEarth tips 1

Some GEarth tips

While Google Earth is still around, it makes sense to maximise its usefulness. The Google Earth Blog shares some nice pointers how to tune your GEarth installation in case you experience performance issues. They’ve also recently covered a company called KMZmaps.com which offers a set...

Timelapse video lets you ride the ISS – Canada to Chile in a minute 1

Timelapse video lets you ride the ISS – Canada to Chile in a minute

Behold this HD timelapse video of the view aboard the International Space Station (ISS). I can’t find first-hand information on its author, but PopSci claims that it was created by a certain James Drake, who stitched together 600 publicly available images shot from the ISS. The...

A GEarth challenger from Iran 2

A GEarth challenger from Iran

Apparently, Iranian officials have decided to build a service to counter the success of Google Earth, which is described as a website that “was designed and built by the global arrogance for espionage purposes and to gather information from other countries” (Brigadier-General Mohammad Hasan Nami...

Historypin lets you fuse past and present (a.k.a. Street View) 2

Historypin lets you fuse past and present (a.k.a. Street View)

I don’t know how I managed to miss out on Historypin by an organisation called We Are What We Do. Historypin is a website that lets you overlay old photographs and other media on Google Street View imagery.

Motivating volunteers 1

Motivating volunteers

Crowdsourcing projects like OpenStreetMap, Google Map Maker or Building Maker without compensation for contributors rely on volunteers’ efforts. There are various studies which try to shed light on the motivational factors of such volunteers. One way to motivate people to contribute their time and effort can...