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Changes of Switzerland's 38 biggest glaciers since 1850 (Veränderung der 38 grössten Gletscher der Schweiz seit 1850) – reworked by me 3

Reworked: “Gletscherschwund” by TagesAnzeiger

Today, Swiss daily TagesAnzeiger featured a great piece about climate change and shrinking Swiss glaciers. The article features: an animated GIF showing the overall area of glaciers that was lost to melting as compared to the area of the canton of Zurich. This is useful...


Visualising the last glacial maximum correctly

A few days ago, Swiss Geoportal (/the Swiss federal geodata infrastructure) tweeted a link to a visualisation of the largest ice extent over Switzerland – i.e. the last glacial maximum, LGM for short: They used a rather famous map of the LGM and draped it...