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Geocoding Twitter users – The #SwissGIS map

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with some Twitter-oriented hacks together with my friend Tom. A very preliminary result of these activities is what I call the #SwissGIS map. Some, just a little, history: Over the last few years, I have been collecting Switzerland-based Twitter users that talk about topics...

Syntax highlighting on WordPress.com 0

Syntax highlighting on WordPress.com

In order to present readable and usable code here on WordPress.com without manually formatting it I searched the intertubes for an elegant solution – and found one here. [sourcecode language=”python” gutter=”false”] import math, string def readFile(file): """Reads a file from disk and returns its content as a...

Intro to Processing 2

Intro to Processing

(This post is based on an earlier post in another blog in German) For quite some time I’ve been following the news about Processing. Processing is an open-source environment for creating visualizations programmatically. The project was initiated by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry in the...