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Etymologic cartography

I propose Etymologic cartography as a field of study: Somebody had the simple but appealing idea to simply translate the toponyms on a map to English. In this case the subject in question is the USA: Some of the names are rather interesting (and were...

Syntax highlighting on WordPress.com 0

Syntax highlighting on WordPress.com

In order to present readable and usable code here on WordPress.com without manually formatting it I searched the intertubes for an elegant solution – and found one here. [sourcecode language=”python” gutter=”false”] import math, string def readFile(file): """Reads a file from disk and returns its content as a...

Typealyzer: Analysing blog(ging) types 0

Typealyzer: Analysing blog(ging) types

Recently, I was pointed to Typealyzer, a tool for analysing blog types or, actually, the personality types of the people behind the blog. The information is visualised in a spider chart with eight personality dimensions. Typealyzer is the doing of Mattias Ostmar and Jon Kågström,...