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Upcoming events 0

Upcoming events

Several visualization contest deadlines are approaching: Hacking Education Data In Sight Tableau Interactive Viz Contest FlowingData has more information on these. Datavisualization.ch announces a one-day conference called Visualizing Europe, which will take place in Brussels in mid-June.

Gefährdung der Bevölkerung der Schweiz durch Kernkraftwerke: Eine Analyse 7

Gefährdung der Bevölkerung der Schweiz durch Kernkraftwerke: Eine Analyse

(Deutsch weiter unten) Things have been a bit silent around here for the last days. That’s because I have been busy with a private project of mine: doing a spatial analysis of the exposure of the Swiss population to the dangers of nuclear power plants...

London Tube Maps 2

London Tube Maps

Much has been talked and theorised about, and much has been done to, the London Tube Map, the epitome of the intersection of information design and abstract network cartography. From fourthway comes now a handy tool to draw some interesting comparisons: The Real Underground allows you to...

Real-time visualizations of Singapore 0

Real-time visualizations of Singapore

In cooperation with local partners MIT’s Senseable City Lab has developed six real-time visualizations of the city of Singapore which is on display since April 8 in the exhibition LIVE Singapore!, co-curated with the Singapore Art Museum.

Processing 0195 0

Processing 0195

Starting from yesterday the Processing team offers Processing 0195 pre-release for download. Lots of bugs have been fixed and 0195 is considered a stepping stone for a Processing 1.5 stable release in a few days. (via Ben Fry)

Typealyzer: Analysing blog(ging) types 0

Typealyzer: Analysing blog(ging) types

Recently, I was pointed to Typealyzer, a tool for analysing blog types or, actually, the personality types of the people behind the blog. The information is visualised in a spider chart with eight personality dimensions. Typealyzer is the doing of Mattias Ostmar and Jon Kågström,...

Cartographic study of musical incest 0

Cartographic study of musical incest

A friend of mine discovered the Seattle Band Map (a.k.a. Cartographic Study of Musical Incest), a project by radio host Rachel Ratner, designer Keith Whiteman and computer scientist Golf Sinteppadon. As Rachel Rutner describes in the project’s first blog post, she started the map as a nerdy personal project....

Potato earth 1

Potato earth

Above picture shows a potato-shaped earth. It’s called a geoid and shows the actual (but highly exaggerated) form of our planet. The surface of potato earth represents the form of an ideal surface which water would adopt if it covered the whole earth and if...

Citation donuts 0

Citation donuts

Today’s Economist‘s Daily Chart features a diagram of scientific citations per country: The diagram has two parts: a donut chart showing the proportion of citations per country for 1999-2003 and one for 2004-2008. The (not terribly surprising) story (or at least the interpretation of the...


Geoprofiling using cellphone data (and some volunteered information)

By filing a legal suit against Deutsche Telekom German politician Malte Spitz (Green party) was able to obtain data recorded under the German preventive data retention act. He chose to publish the data which was collected in the timespan from August 2009 to February 2010...

Intro to Processing 2

Intro to Processing

(This post is based on an earlier post in another blog in German) For quite some time I’ve been following the news about Processing. Processing is an open-source environment for creating visualizations programmatically. The project was initiated by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry in the...