Gefährdung der Bevölkerung der Schweiz durch Kernkraftwerke: Eine Analyse

7 thoughts on “Gefährdung der Bevölkerung der Schweiz durch Kernkraftwerke: Eine Analyse”

  1. Impressive and Important. That’s how I’d classify you excellent piece of work here. Now I’d like to know how the civil protection rates the chances of successfully evacuating (and supplying afterwards for extended periods of time) such large numbers of people…

    1. Thank you for your comment, Frank.
      I am asking myself the same question regarding civil protection and other authorities. This question is interesting especially before the background of the discussion regarding asylum seekers, where the arrival of several thousand people can apparently already confront authorities with considerable problems regarding provision of accommodation. Let alone the questions of supplying such large numbers of people, as you justly mention in your comment. Much to worry about…

  2. The dominant wind directions in the Swiss midlands are from NEE or W. If you account for it, in reality even more people will be affected by a nuclear worst case scenario.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Stephan. I realise that of course wind direction will affect the spread of radioactivity. However, despite prevailing wind directions it can’t be known for sure, what meteorological conditions would be in place, once – god forbid – an accident happens. Because of this and for the sake of keeping the analysis, graphics and interpretation of results as simple as possible I opted for an approach which assumes circular, direction-independent spread, also disregarding other potential confounding factors such as topography.

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