Urban Earth: Photo-mapping urban spaces

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  1. “The walk is adjusted such that it features deprived areas proportionally to their abundance in a city. Also, the walk tries to cover areas where many people live and, through the 8 steps rule, the length of the walk becomes proportional to the size of the city.”

    i am preparing to embark on an urban earth walk in a historic american city. can you please describe your methodology in featuring areas proportionally to their abundance.


  2. Hi Anonymous
    thanks for your question. I must admit, I haven’t embarked on an Urban Earth walk myself yet. I’ve just found their idea nice and blogged about it.
    For starters, if you choose your route in a representative way, then the 8 steps rule ensures that all areas covered by your walk will show up proportionally to their abundance. However, of course the trick is to put your path in such manner that you cover the relevant areas proportionally. I think for that there is no fix rule but your knowledge of the place and maybe a set of good thematic maps (think, sociological or demographic categories) should do you good service.
    Hope this helps just a little bit and that you’ll have fun on your endeavour!

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