Conceptualisation of a D3 linked view with a hexagonal cartogram

15 thoughts on “Conceptualisation of a D3 linked view with a hexagonal cartogram”

  1. Is the source d3.js code available for this anywhere? I’m really interested in understanding how to make linked visualizations!

    1. Hi Chris

      Thanks for your interest. You can of course inspect the source code directly on the website using your browser. Note, however, that I have finished this visualization under time pressure in order to upload it on the day of an important poll.

      Functionality-wise and technically, my cartogram of Wikipedia in Africa over on the OII Internet Geographies blog ( is very similar to the population cartogram of Switzerland. If you want to dive into the JavaScript code, I’d recommend that one. I had a bit more time for that and thus the source code is tidier.

      1. Thanks Ralph! That was EXACTLY what I needed, I followed the x_id system you used for linking and it worked out well. Much appreciated :)

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