Creating a hexagonal cartogram

16 thoughts on “Creating a hexagonal cartogram”

  1. I’m having some hard time to understand how to join the data to the map using QGIS. Will be great to have just a basic example with a simple dataset and a map, and all the steps to get to the JSON file.

    I’m familiar with d3, and I find Mike Bostock’s tutorial about building a map – , very straight forward but still tying hard to figure out how to generate the geo JSON for the hexagons map.

  2. You seem to be missing a part of canton Basel-stadt.
    But other that that, congratulation on the amazing results.
    I want to try to follow your workflow to represent the results of the latest Swiss election. This would be way better than the many gemeinde maps that do not represent the population.

    1. Thank you very much! You probably mean Riehen and Bettingen? I think they are just considerably too small to show up in this map.

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