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Tool partisanship sucks

Esri might not quite work like Apple. Ok, likely not at all. But I’m pretty sure the demo computers at the Esri User Conference are vetted thoroughly before the event. Yet, Seth Stark has posted the following on Twitter: So, some Esri employee was demoing...


Trends in web mapping

A while ago, Alan McConchie and Beth Schechter of Stamen held a presentation titled Anatomy of a Web Map at Maptime SF, a weekly map hack-night hosted at Stamen Design. The slides can be viewed at maptime.github.io/anatomy-of-a-web-map (allow some seconds for loading). Click through for a thorough refresher and some innovative web map...


Ubiquity of Python

I have written about the ubiquity of Python before and I’ve also given a talk in that direction at this year’s FOSSGIS conference (“Python as ‘glue’ in the GIS software domain: Sun glare analysis of road traffic accidents”). There is also a video of my talk...

R 0

Video tutorials for R

Are you part of the growing R community yet? Obviously, if you do lots of (inferential) statistics, R is a very good choice. But it is by no means restricted to that application area. With the vast ecosystem of libraries (currently 4,867) such as the...

Comparison of Python IDEs 1

Comparison of Python IDEs

Infoworld has a run-down of nine IDEs for Python development. Unfortunately, to access the full text one has to register (for free), but if you are looking for ways to streamline your Python coding, it’s worth the hassle.

Projection from WGS1984 to Swiss national grid (CH1903 LV03) 0

Projection from WGS1984 to Swiss national grid (CH1903 LV03)

In my last project I used (standalone) Python for geoprocessing. Since ArcGIS or something like that was not there to help with projecting geodata from one coordinate system to another, I wrote a function which converts well-known WGS1984 to Swiss national grid coordinates (Swissgrid, CH1903 LV03). Swisstopo has...


Py all means

Over on his blog, Bill Dollins muses about the range and ubiquity of the Python language in the geospatial realm. It’s true – if you work with ESRI products on a daily basis (like I do) you almost can’t get away without using Python one...

Processing 0195 0

Processing 0195

Starting from yesterday the Processing team offers Processing 0195 pre-release for download. Lots of bugs have been fixed and 0195 is considered a stepping stone for a Processing 1.5 stable release in a few days. (via Ben Fry)