First two publications of 2014

I’ve mentioned it before, but now the official links have arrived for my latest work in user-generated content research: Together with Arzu Çöltekin and Gennady Andrienko I have published a paper titled Towards (re)constructing narratives from georeferenced photographs through visual analytics in The Cartographic Journal. You can find this official version here. Similarly, the article Uneven geographies of user-generated … Continue reading First two publications of 2014

The online perspective: Africa on Wikipedia

My friends and colleagues at the Oxford Internet Institute, Mark Graham and Stefano de Sabbata, are compiling a collection of maps and visualizations at that give insight into the contemporary geographies of knowledge:

  • Which places are connected with the online world? Which places are participants in the so-called participatory Web?
  • Which places are represented in online gazetteers, in online photo repositories, in social networks?
  • What places are reported on in traditional newspapers, in online events databases?
  • And, most importantly and in completion to all above questions: Which places aren’t?

Continue reading “The online perspective: Africa on Wikipedia”

All the edits, deletions and insertions of Wikipedia in real time? – Voilà!

Wikistream shows you the sometimes immense activity that is going on backstage at Wikipedia. If the overall stream gets too fast to grasp anything (yes, that’s rather commonly the case!), you can filter what is shown to you by country and type of event. Pressing “P” pauses the stream of events. In these days where … Continue reading All the edits, deletions and insertions of Wikipedia in real time? – Voilà!