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Fabulous Finds II

→ Google Sheep View If you are like me you love a good parody and hence this new Google product.   → What to do if your p-value is just over the arbitrary threshold for ‘significance’ of p=0.05? Matthew Hankins carried out an analysis of...

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Visualizing group sizes and inter-group flows

A few weeks ago, I came across the following graphics on Twitter: They depict voter share per party (including absentees, in grey) (top) and voter flows between different parties in the 2015 cantonal elections in Zurich. The graphics are produced by sotomo, a research company at the nexus...


Fabulous Finds I

→ The real reason American passenger trains are so bad “It’s not just that these services aren’t the best in the world and don’t deploy the most cutting-edge technology available. They are often truly abysmal, with travel times worse than what was possible 100 years...


Slide design and public speaking

I have a Slideshare account that I use to publish slides of presentations I’ve held (if it’s okay to publish them, which is the case only very occasionally). Sometimes Slideshare sends me e-mail news that I more often trash than skim. But yesterday a post with the...


Sunset on Mars

A  sunset on Mars: This picture been taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover on the mission’s 956th Martian day (April 15, 2015). The colour has been “calibrated and white-balanced to remove camera artifacts” according to NASA. The colours are thus similar to what a human would perceive, although we might see...


“You’ll never trust a map again”

is what BuzzFeed (really, BuzzFeed!?) named this instructionable video on map projections:   The point is not to distrust the map, obviously, but to have the necessary background knowledge in place to properly judge what you see. Actually a good thing to do with respect...


On weather and climate change

Sometimes people tend to mistake weather (a short-term phenomenon) for climate (the long-term average). I recently came across this video in which astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the difference between the two. I think it’s a brilliant example of conveying complex concepts using a simple analogy. In...

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Best images of Earth in 2014

Wired has a slideshow of NASA’s best images of Earth that I’d recommend you to check out if you enjoy images from space! Below is a picture of the spectacular Bowknot Bend of the Green River in Utah (USA), as taken by an unnamed astronaut on...


The best in cartography and infoviz of 2014

I will abstain from compiling my own list of “The best …”. Instead, I give you a small list of lists to be consumed at your pleasure: The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2014 by FlowingData All of Nathan’s picks “are interactive or animated or both”. “Telling for where...

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To all you Geohipsters out there

Have you heard of the Geohipster blog? It’s the self-described place for people who ‘grow their own organic vertices, use gluten-free topology or only geocode by hand, in small batches’. And I give at a big recommendation, put it into your feed reader. And relax, you don’t need to be a...


Geocoding Twitter users – The #SwissGIS map

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with some Twitter-oriented hacks together with my friend Tom. A very preliminary result of these activities is what I call the #SwissGIS map. Some, just a little, history: Over the last few years, I have been collecting Switzerland-based Twitter users that talk about topics...


Be nice to your sysadmin

Sysadmin Appreciation Day was exactly two months ago, but this gem shared by Bill Morris is too good to pass up on: (source) Then there’s of course also this classic by Randall Munroe: (source)