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Alas, New Zealand’s proposition for a new flag design has been voted against a few weeks ago:

But flags are always an interesting topic of discussion, from a design, cultural, historic, or simply aesthetic point of view. Via my friend Frank Ostermann I’ve learnt about Flag Stories, a website dedicated to the design elements (patterns, colours, symbols, …) of flags.

Similar flags, http://flagstories.co

Similar flags, http://flagstories.co

The company behind Flag Stories, ferdio, specialises in infographics. But fear not, I find Flag Stories really nicely made, not clickbaity, and surprisingly rich in content – who would have thought you could analyse flag designs at such an extent!

If, after Flag Stories, you aren’t tired of flags yet, I recommend you to follow up with the equally entertaining TED talk by Roman Mars on city flags, some abysmal, some fantastic. Cheers!


Ralph Straumann

Ralph is a world-citizen, a geoinformation specialist by profession, and interested in many topics. Here, he'll confine himself mostly to things geo-visual.

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